Why all this stuff?

… Because it may come in handy

Here are some documents and templates I use for my analysis work when the client or company I’m working for doesn’t have requirements and use case management tools like Rational RequisitePro or Enterprise Architect. Such tools are invaluable, but let’s face it, not all our clients have the bucks or need for these elegant management applications.

Using documents like these represent the manual way to manage the flow of information through a project, but we all face these types of engagements from time-to-time. Watching my server logs, I noticed the Use Case template being downloaded a lot. This gave me the idea of offering the templates I use the most with explanations on how I use them. The sort essays that accompany the documents are not intended to be instructional in the same way a UML information dictionary may be. I simply had fun sharing how I work and view my job.

Use the templates the way they are, or change them to fit your analysis style and client needs.

Hope they help make your job easier.

Project Definition
Workflow Diagram
The Use Case
Class Diagram
Sequence Diagram
Data Dictionary
Change Request
Test Script
Bug Report

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