Do you sometimes find life drifting? Do you feel the need to steer in a new direction, reassess your priorities, and establish new or clearer goals? Finding a new direction involves exploring your thoughts, feelings, motivations, and behaviors. This includes taking the time to become conscious of your identity, understand your strengths and weaknesses, and gain insight into how you impact others. Our lives consist of a vast ocean of interconnected relationships, experiences and history.

Exploring this sea of relationships alone can be daunting. Helping with this exploration is my passion. As a professionally trained coach, I join my clients on a journey of discovery and help them untangle the complexity surrounding lives allowing easier passage along the road of their lives. I leverage the tools and techniques offered by Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC), an International Coaching Federation approved framework to help people along their journey of discovery.  Take that fork in the road and begin your journey on the path less traveled. Contact to begin the conversation. 

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