About Me

After a long and rewarding career managing non-profit projects throughout Europe, I jumped full-force into IT during the .com boom. A few years ago I ran into Scrum and other Agile frameworks. With its emphasis on servant leadership, system thinking, continuous improvement, self organizing teams and delivering value I was hooked.

I’m passionate, about Scrum and Kanban. Huge fan of Lean thinking, Theory of Constraints, Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) and  of course the Toyota Production System. Avid learner. Deeply influenced by the works of Jeff Sutherland, Ken Schwaber, Eliyahu Goldratt, James P. WomackW. Edwards DemingJeff Patton, Graig Larman and countless others.

I enjoy spending time with Vic Bonacci and other Agile Coffee pod cast contributors. Giving back to the community by managing sponsorship drives for Agile Open Southern California and San Diego brings me into contact with amazing people and organizations.  This involvement, offers inspiring insights into the fabulous individuals and organizations that make up the Agile community in Southern California. I attempt to express my respect and appreciation toward this community in SoCal Training and the SoCal Hall of Fame.

I’m also into biking (street & off road), motorcycling and the marshal arts. Above all I enjoy thinking, reading and writing with an eye on the future.

If you’ve got some ideas to share, contact me at lawhead5@hotmail.com

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