DevOps Overview for Scrum Masters

Requires System Thinking DevOps creates a process (system) where by the development team and IT operations teams communicate issues, define priorities, complete work and report outcomes. DevOps grew out of the necessity that development and IT operations teams understand who is doing what and when each team is ready for the other to take action.

Numbers, Time and Benchmarks

What do you value? Numbers and time are interesting. They have no value in themselves, but success is constantly measured by them. Sports teams, businesses, families and even religious organizations have their set of sacred numbers and times. Either is simply the representation of value. If I am hungry two apples are more valuable than one.

Managing Software Quality Assurance Test Rounds – Part Five (Critical Numbers)

In his book The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business, the author Josh Kaufman recommends isolating two to five critical indicators, or what he calls Key Performance Indicators (KPI). These numbers should measure throughput and of a given system. The goal in identifying and following these critical numbers is to improve the system under investigation. At

Managing Software Quality Assurance Test Rounds – Part Six (Discovering What Went Wrong)

When discovering and resolving issues two attributes are absolutely necessary. These are a calm head and an experimental mindset. Uncertainty is inevitable. The sooner this is accepted, the better you will become at solving problems. Having numbers that expose issues are of little use unless the system under investigation is improved. A strong increase in