Managing Software Quality Assurance Test Rounds – Part Two (Assessing Quality Assurance Risk)

“What gets measured gets managed and what gets managed gets done.” – Peter Drucker Before the project is organized and critical numbers are calculated, I recommend running a risk assessment exposing weaknesses in your quality assurance planning and processes. This analysis is a great tool that identifies issues well in advance. The assessment is much easier

Managing Software Quality Assurance Test Rounds – Part One (Understanding the Nature of Software Testing)

Professor Cem Kaner J.D., PhD explains the “Impossibility of Complete Testing” in his lecture notes. This lecture mathematically demonstrates how impossible it to test all the options of a given set of enhancements. The testing straggly is to identify the areas that are most likely to pose issues and to develop and apply test cases

Managing Software Quality Assurance Test Rounds – Introduction

Thus far we have discussed two fundamental areas of testing software. These are Architecting the Environment (Principles behind setting up hardware environments.) Quality Assurance Management (Principles behind managing QA projects.) Now we are ready to discuss Managing Software Quality Assurance Test Rounds (Principles and examples for managing testing rounds.) Each test round is a separate

A Balanced Approach to Software Testing

In his reconstruction speech given to Congress on April 11, 1865, Abraham Lincoln warned the nation that creating inflexible plans will, “…become a new entanglement”. The quality assurance manager can draw a number of lessons from the broader context  of the speech. Here is the complete thought. …so new and unprecedented is the whole case,