Another Transition?!

Here we go Again

It became clear to me today that homosapiens find themselves in the flow of yet another transition. We came into our own during the Age of Hunter Gatherers. Kicking it up a notch we found our selves in the Agrarian Age. Then we stumbled through the cold shower of the Industrial Age. Hardly dry enough to see clearly, we find ourselves almost overwhelmed with the benefits and disadvantages of the Information Age. Building on the engineering accomplishments of the Industrial and Information Ages, we’re well into the Age of Automation.

Changing our view of ourselves, our responsibilities toward each other and the world we call home, generally lags well behind the pace of these transitions. We are about to be exposed to enormous pressures on how much we value each other. No matter which values we bring with us into this next age, none of them will benefit the conversation if they fail to focus on caring. Pulling yourself up by the boot straps is irrelevant in an age where there are no boot straps.