Can’t Stop Learning!

Passionate Learner

I am hooked on learning. An explanation that finally clicked, came while taking the Gallup Strengths survey. If you’ve not taken it, do so. The easiest way is to read their book Strengths Finder 2.0. The book gives an explanation of the Gallup approach to building on your strengths and, as would be expected, gives a link to a survey. Building on my love for learning has led to a number of exciting discoveries. Some of these I wish to share during the next few posts.

From Idea to Sprint

While not competing with the well rounded Agile Innovation framework, I’ve combined a number of processes I’ve used in the past to come up with a simple approach a single Scrum Master and Product Owner working together, can do to get new ideas into their sprints. Here’s my plan.

  1. What do you see? (Taiichi Ohno’s take on observation and process improvement.)
  2. Creating a Value Stream Map.
  3. Creating an A3 Root Cause Analysis.
  4. Creating Enduser Personas.
  5. Creating a User Story Map.
  6. Iterative Improvement (Kaizen never stops)

I’ll make sure to include references to where the ideas originate and where you can dig deeper if you wish. The main objective is to create a series of posts where we can have fun learning.

Doing Some Preparation Will Help

Reviewing these topics ahead of time will help a lot. About a year ago, I signed-up for Scrum Inc’s Scrum LabScrum Lab Open is free and contains a number of great webinars, blog posts, articles and resources. However, the really good stuff is found in Scrum Lab Prime. Along with the items found in the open lab, prime contains countless webinars from past years. With some dedication and lots of free time, you may be able to rifle through the subjects I’ve listed within the 30 day free trial. If not, the $50 per month is well worth it. A few less take-outs, and you’ve got it covered.

I hope you enjoy reading through these ideas as much as I enjoyed doing the research and putting them together. Get ready for a lot of fun!