How to Decompose Epics & Stories

Assigning Epics effort estimates is risky business. However, since organizations usually require schedules and budgets when uncertainty is at its highest, continuously defining effort as the decomposition process evolves may work. It must be remembered, no estimate is completely accurate but this process does offer a consistent measurement. This model begins by assigning high estimates and reducing the value

Improper Planning – The Skeleton in the Closet

I had a long talk last week with a guy we will call Joe. He works for a company who has undertaken a large data conversion project. Mid way through that project the sponsors became very concerned about the project’s status. Reports indicate the project is on track, but for some reason uncertainty prevails. They

Managing Software Quality Assurance Test Rounds – Part Five (Critical Numbers)

In his book The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business, the author Josh Kaufman recommends isolating two to five critical indicators, or what he calls Key Performance Indicators (KPI). These numbers should measure throughput and of a given system. The goal in identifying and following these critical numbers is to improve the system under investigation. At