The Analysis Disease

Commuting through LA traffic I had a chance to hear tons of recorded books, including The Wealth of Nations from Adam Smith — a couple of times. Though I’m no economist, it did set the record straight in my mind on the general direction a capitalist society should take. Some capitalist countries have sadly missed the mark in at least one major area; supporting the economy through military spending. — A major screw-up according to Jedi master Smith.

The hard-core analyst is the sort of person who can’t stop turning stuff over in his or her mind and learning new things. They have an incurable disease and can’t stop thinking about what’s wrong and how to make it right. Of course nobody can be right all the time and maybe not even very often. However, thought is a major part of being human, much the same as democracy and free enterprise a solid path to a more peaceful and stronger world.

This site is where I scribble down stuff that hits me in the shower, while biking through the country side or working with clients. It’s also a place to note lessons learned on the job and keep my document archive so I can use and share them with the business analysis community.

It helps to get stuff off my chest and who knows; maybe others with the analysis bug will enjoy it.

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