Quality Assurance Planning – Part Two (Integration & System Testing)

Integration testing is the most extensive level and the one which requires the largest portion of the test plan. At this point you should plan for a full regression test as well as functional testing to insure new features work as expected. This level of testing requires running all existing test cases from your script

Quality Assurance Planning – Part One (Unit Testing)

Unit testing should be done by the developer and include two tests. The first of these is to walk through each line of his code to insure it works correctly. This is a normal part of the development process, however the second test is not. During this test the developer should try to “break” their

Architectures for Good Software Testing – Part Five (Production Environment)

The Production environment must be considered “sacred”. If the previous processes have been conducted thoughtfully and with a huge amount of dedication and hard work, the application that finds its home in production should make work easier for the end user. It must be remembered that the end user pays the bills. The value the