The Use Case

He Said – She Said … If creating black-box test scripts is the most tedious job (which it is), then creating Use Cases is the most fun. As a matter of fact, if you pay attention and create a good Use Case you can often create your test scripts directly from these cases. Just don’t

Project Definition

What’s up with the Project Definition? The Project Definition is often your first deliverable. What goes into this document should be discussed with the client at the earliest opportunity possible. At the end of my second article, I’ve included a complete list of what I find essential. However, a Project Definition is not worth anything

Workflow Diagram

And Let the Diagramming Begin! Like any diagramming process, there are various flavors of this document, but any work flow must cover six essential aspects per process: 1. When does the process begin? (If preceded by a specified process, indicate the name of that process.) 2. What happens during the process? 3. What determines that