How to Decompose a Release Plan – User Story Mapping

A while back my team overcommitted themselves on a technical debt Sprint. It became apparent we did not have a decent model to expose those pesky “unknown – unknowns”. No matter how much talking and diagramming and more talking we did, we became none the wiser. We simply reached a point where we had to get started,

A Balanced Approach to Software Testing

In his reconstruction speech given to Congress on April 11, 1865, Abraham Lincoln warned the nation that creating inflexible plans will, “…become a new entanglement”. The quality assurance manager can draw a number of lessons from the broader context  of the speech. Here is the complete thought. …so new and unprecedented is the whole case,

Quality Assurance Planning – Part Five (A Final Word – Nothing trumps experience)

You will become better at planning your test cycles the more often you execute them. There is no substitute for experience. A plan is basically a prioritized list of tasks assigned to a resource. A plan is like a noun. It describes but accomplishes nothing. It is the schedule that moves your plan into action.

Quality Assurance Planning – Part Four (Selecting the Appropriate Test Type)

Here is how I break-down quality assurance types and what questions I ask to determine which should be included in the test cycle: Development (Have the coding architectural errors been identified and resolved? This can only done as a white box test and requires a code review.) Installation (Does the application come on line after