Middle Management Reformation!

Moving from Command and Control Management I’ve been in a few conversations lately where middle managers who appear lost as they find themselves confronted with a major change. Command and control with 21st Century is out the window. So is the concept of “reports”. How do you measure performance when it’s the team who succeeds

Discovering the Narrative Behind Failure

Surprised by Failure? When your amazing idea results in unexpected outrage, do two things. Observe the Japanese proverb, When something goes wrong fix the process, not the blame. Then, discover the narrative. Tell the Story With 40,000 years under our belts, we Homosapiens have become excellent storytellers. From cave paintings to 3D movies the journey has

Value Stream Maps

Stopwatch Development? Learning to see is a bit more difficult than it may appear. If Ohno’s trainees found it hard to “see” manufacturing improvements, what’s a software manager to do? Looking over the shoulders of your development team, will only distract them. Holding a stop watch next to their monitors will likely result in outright