Jay –
“Larry lives up to a very high standard of integrity and work ethic. Given an area of responsibility, Larry will not let the team down. I enjoyed working with him and respect his ability to stay with something until it is done.”

Jim –
“Larry is a dedicated, diligent worker with a terrific personality and a willingness to do whatever is necessary to produce a winning product. He is a total team player, sacrificing his own well being for the sake of anyone and everyone on the team.”

Paul –
“I had the pleasure of working with Larry over the past 1.5 years. Larry was the most dependable and hard working employees that we had. You could always count on Larry to get the job done whether it was during the week or on the weekend. Larry also posses a very positive attitude even under the greatest of pressures. I would recommend Larry in any capacity that leverages his skills and believe he would be a great asset to any company.”

Vivian –
“It was great working with you. It was a privilege working with an amazing person and are greatly missed by the office.”

Corey –
“I also thoroughly enjoyed working with you. It is rare to find someone with your dedication and hard work to also have a great attitude and outlook. I have nothing but appreciation for the way you welcomed me. There are few people that I trust to have my back, and you sir were one of them. I surely hope our paths cross again.”

Maziar –
“Larry is a hard working professional. He is in love with his profession. He is meticulous in analysis of businesses and in the same time can communicate with software developers in their own language.

I have worked with Larry on consulting projects and have always been impressed by his dedication, focus and curiosity. He constantly seeks to learn the latest and the greatest. He is an asset in any development / IT project.”

Yamini –
“You are such a pleasure to work with.

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